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Firearm Engraving
At Gray Laser, we are firearm engraving specialists. We are an FFL (07) as manufacturers. We can do all ATF requirement Engraving, Logos, customization or text.
General Engraving
We have state of the art equipment for engraving carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium or any other metal. Anything from a set of wedding gifts for your bridal party to a manufacturers mark on OEM equipment can be quickly and economically engraved.
Gray Laser Precision Welding can do pin-point accuracy welding, increase the range of assembly and repair applications and minimize the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint.
Common industry applications include:
  • micro industrial-medical device spot and seam welding assemblies
  • electronically compatible voltage sensitive applications
  • gun repair and jewelry repair
  • dental laboratory partial, crown & bridge, and implant repair
  • optical eyewear repair

Gray Laser Firearm Engraving


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Our basic philosophy is: “To manage your assets, you must be able to identify your assets.” At Gray Laser, we provide a variety of engraving services to help you identify your assets – with everything from ring engraving to stainless steel engraving. We laser engrave surgical tools with a 2-D barcode that contains a unique serial number. We also put this same number as a visual serial number and the abbreviated name of the hospital on each tool. 2-D barcodes can also be put on other valuable assets to allow them to be managed like trays and probes. Information within these barcodes can be quickly accessed such as proper sterilization procedures or how long an instrument has been in service. Click the above link for additional information.

Once you have marked an item, you must then do something with that marking. The scanner gun allows you to acquire the data contained within the marking. Now what are you going to do with that data? We give you several options with our software. All our choices are affordable and scalable. We understand that your goal is in general to manage your assets. Lets discuss your particular situation to see what fits your needs best. Call us at 210-877-2400 and ask for Bill Gray.
Scanner Guns for Reading the Barcodes
For a scanner gun to read on difficult surfaces can be a challenge. What we sell are precision scanner guns designed for the challenge of quickly reading the barcodes on challenging surfaces quickly. Stainless steel, chrome, titanium and surgical steel markings can be read accurately and quickly. In a hospital environment, the scanner gun used must also be able to take some abuse without failing. Our guns have met the challenge of repeated drops without a problem. The guns must also be a precision reader. Forceps and other surgical instruments do not have much room for a barcode. On most 5mm square is about all the space available. These scanners meet these challenges without problem and at prices that are within budget. We currently feel the Moblile Hawk by Microscan and the Dataman 7500 from Cognex scanner guns meet our demanding qualifications. Click link below pictures for pricing and additional information.
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